Beat the Heat and Keep Cool

3Wire 7/26/2017

High temperatures and humidity during the summer months can be a great source of discomfort for you and your kitchen staff. While trying to keep your employees cool, too much heat and humidity can also hurt your kitchen equipment leading to untimely and expensive breakdowns, as well as contribute to the emergence of harmful mold, bacteria, and mildew. A kitchen that is air-conditioned, properly ventilated, and has adequate air-flow is crucial to keep your restaurant running its best during the hottest of seasons.


As a general rule, a commercial kitchen or bakery should strive for relative humidity of around 60 percent. Your HVAC system functions best when it’s clean; this keeps you and your employees cool as well as comply with health department and fire safety regulations. Check regularly for grease, dust and other build-up throughout the entire system and perform maintenance, such as replacing filters and vacuuming ducts, as needed. Ask employees to report any unusual room-temperature changes, which may be the first sign of a developing problem. Ventilation systems amount to about 28 percent of your overall energy costs and are subject to health department inspections. Walk through your kitchen and make sure all your exhaust hoods and ventilation fans are working properly.


Less about keeping your kitchen cool, your gaskets are there to prevent heat and humidity from harming your equipment and spoiling your food, ultimately saving you money. It’s a good idea to perform routine gasket checks on all your equipment. If you see signs of rot, replace them quickly; if you discover mold or other residue, give them a thorough cleaning immediately. One trick to tell if a gasket needs replacing is to place a dollar bill half way into the door of your equipment, then closing the door with the dollar bill sticking half way out. If you can easily slide the dollar bill from the door it is probably time to replace your door’s gasket.

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