Coffee Brewer Maintenance

3Wire 9/25/2017

Coffee brewers are some of the hardest working machines in any commercial kitchen setting. They're turned on first thing in the morning, and run constantly throughout the day. Water, heat, and daily wear and tear all can take their toll on a brewer. Make your coffee brewers run efficient for as long as possible, as well as brew safe and clean coffee, by regularly maintaining your brewer system. This will help avoid larger repairs or equipment replacements, and will give your customers a better cup of joe.

Daily Maintenance Tasks

Each day wipe down the outside of the coffee brewer and make it shine—this will remove splashes, stains, and buildup, and will let your guests and customers want to order coffee from it. Follow your equipment manual for proper cleaning techniques, but for most brewers you can clean all pots and filter baskets as you would other dishes. Never immerse airpots or thermal containers in water though—clean these with a long brush, a mild detergent, and multiple rinses of hot water.

Weekly Maintenance Tasks

Remove the sprayhead (the piece that sprays the water into the filter basket) at least once a week. Clean this with an approved descaler to clear the spray holes—this will allow water to spray more evenly giving your customers a better-tasting cup of coffee. Before reattaching the sprayhead, wipe down with a brush or clean cloth to remove any gunk that has built up.

Monthly Maintenance Tasks

Mineral deposits will buildup on the inside of your brewer including the interior components and hot water reservoir. Planning for a monthly deep clean will give you a chance to clean this area. You will have to refer to your manual for this—each manufacturer and model is different. Look for approved descalers than can be used to wipe down the parts inside the brewer, as well as descalers that (if your brewer requires it) can be flushed through your system.


Many of the repair issues coffee brewers experience all start with your water. Brewing with clean and filtered water will reduce mineral deposit buildups, which over time can clog the tubes, sprayheads, and reservoirs on the inside of your machine. Ensuring that your backroom filters are regularly replaced (recommended every 6 months) will prolong the life of your equipment.


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