It’s Not Broken, But Maintain Now Instead of Fix Later

3Wire 6/22/2017

Benjamin Franklin once said that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” In the foodservice industry, that couldn’t be more true especially when that pound of cure is needed at your restaurant the morning of your busiest day of the year.

The average casual dining operation has half a million dollars in equipment that need and deserve constant attention. A good preventative maintenance system is the solution to keeping your restaurant running efficiently and effectively. Avoid unexpected breakdowns and costly overtime repairs with a simple routine of regular maintenance checks. Walk through your entire operation, from front door to back door, and look for anything that looks worn, broken, or in need of cleaning or regular maintenance. Jot down each item and decide which jobs can be done in-house or which need to be outsourced to a certified technician.


Preventative maintenance always takes less time, and in hindsight, it’s always smarter and more convenient to be proactive. Conduct maintenance checks during downtimes instead of dealing with problems during a rush. It's also a lot cheaper to make a small repair on your own time than to pay a service technician overtime to fix a big problem.


In addition to decreased operations, poor planning and inefficiencies can be the source of low employee morale. They can also be a source of on-the-job injuries. Employees can get backaches from working on at a prep table that's too high or too low. Line cooks in overheated kitchens may leave for cooler kitchens. And no employees take pride in a workplace that's dirty and in disrepair. Ask your employees for suggestions on how to make their work environment more efficient and pleasant.


The food, service, and cleanliness are the top three factors guests consider before choosing a restaurant to eat at. Keep your guests coming back by keeping your operation in tip-top sanitary condition to avoid foodborne illness. Make sure refrigeration is cold, and roasters are hot to avoid unwanted germs. Simple preventative maintenance can ensure all of these things are taken care of letting you focus on making quality and tasty food.

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*Thanks to Restaurant Business Online, March 2000, for this article's inspiration.