Kitchen Cleaning Tips

3Wire 8/22/2017

Regular cleaning of your commercial kitchen is essential for food safety and can help reduce equipment downtime and costly repairs. Some jobs should be done several times a day, while others need to only be done weekly or monthly. To help maintain a hygienic commercial kitchen, below is a helpful list to keep your kitchen cleaning duties a little more bearable. Remember to also consult your operation manuals for cleaning procedures specific to the equipment in your kitchen.

Daily Cleaning:

  • Wipe down and disinfect line and prep areas
  • Empty trash bins
  • Brush grill in between uses
  • Wipe down and clean grills, ranges, flattops, and fryers (behind and underneath too)
  • Wipe down walls where needed
  • Mop floors and wash floor mats
  • Clean and disinfect waste disposal areas
  • Sweep walk-in refrigerators and freezers
  • Dust and clean shelves
  • Put all cleaning rags in dirty laundry

Weekly Cleaning:

  • Empty reach-in coolers and wash and sanitize them
  • Clean sinks and faucets
  • Clean coffee machines
  • Clean the ovens

Monthly Cleaning:

  • Empty and clean grease traps
  • Clean and sanitize ice machines
  • Clean refrigeration coils to remove dust
  • Wash walls and ceiling to remove grease buildup
  • Wash behind hot lines (ovens, stoves, and fryers) to prevent build up and clogs
  • Clean and sanitize freezers
  • Wash vent hoods
  • Calibrate ovens and thermometers
  • Wipe down dry storage area
  • Restock first aid kit
  • Change any pest traps laid out

Annual Cleaning:

There are also some important things that must not be forgotten to be done at least once a year. Schedule these tasks during slower times or seasons, and you may need to call a professional service technician for best results.

  • Check fire suppression system
  • Check fire extinguishers
  • Clean hoods twice a year
  • Clean pilot lights on all gas equipment

Following this commercial kitchen cleaning outline will keep your kitchen safe for you, your employees, and your customers. During your routine cleaning, you may also notice that some of your equipment may need further maintenance or repairing. 3Wire has all your genuine OEM replacement parts needs for every commercial kitchen. Shop for parts today!