Commercial Kitchen New Year's Resolutions for 2018

3Wire 1/4/2018

It's the beginning of a new year, and there's no better time than now to set goals for your commercial kitchen. Have you been putting off needed repairs? Use this opportunity to invest in equipment upkeep. Been reluctant to tackle an important cleaning for your kitchen? Start the year off right by scheduling time to complete a deep clean. Read on for four key New Year's resolutions to set for yourself when it comes to your operation's kitchen.

Equipment Tune-Up

Ensure your kitchen equipment is running at top efficiency by scheduling a tune-up by a qualified service technician. He or she will perform a multi-point inspection and will be able to notice details you or your staff might miss. The technician will be able to perform preventative maintenance like replacing gaskets, light bulbs, and filters, as well as give recommendations and costs for larger maintenance projects. Giving your kitchen equipment this tune-up can give you peace of mind that your kitchen is performing at the top of its game.

Equipment Repair

Smaller repairs are sometimes put off for another time, especially if they are costly. The risk of doing this is enormous though as it could lead to further (and worse) equipment damage, which could put you, your staff, and your customers at risk for injury. Take the time to schedule needed repairs with a qualified service technician. Investing in safety right away this year will help prevent more costly repairs down the road.

Deep Cleaning

After the holiday season, the new year is a great time to thoroughly clean your equipment. Perform annual cleaning tasks that are intended to get into the deepest nooks and crannies of all the equipment in your kitchen. A deep clean on every piece of equipment not only gives your kitchen a fresh new shine, it helps ensure that your kitchen is operating efficiently and that food is being prepared cleanly and safely.

Other Maintenance

Your kitchen isn't the only area of your operation needing regular maintenance. Customer serving and seating areas, restrooms, and (if your location has these) parking lots and outdoor landscaping all need to be in top shape in order to give customers a great experience. These areas are very susceptible to wear and tear, so be resolved in getting the correct personnel out to your location to make sure each area is cleaned, maintained, and safe for customers.

With the new year here, be proactive and get a start on these resolutions. Your staff and your customers will appreciate it! For all your equipment maintenance and repair parts need, shop We sell only genuine OEM replacement parts for the foodservice and beverage dispense industry.