14/3 Power Cord With Plug

CAR18605-0016 MFG #: 18605-0016
$104.00 / EACH
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  • Category: Power Cords
  • Model: BB100, BB1000, BB120, BB1200, BB120E, BB120X, BB120XX, BB150, BB150E, BB150X, BB150XX, BB1824, BB1848, BB1864, BB200D, BB40, BB48, BB60, BB64, BB72, BB90, BB96, BB96E, BB96X, BB96XX, GPM1, PH1215, PH1225, PH1250, PH1410, PH1420, PH1430, PH1800, PH181, PH1810, PH1825, PH1830, PH185, PH1850, PH1860, ST181, ST1811
Carter-Hoffmann 14/3 Power Cord With Plug 18605-0016