Housing Bearing with Seal

2552396 MFG #: 113861-S
$247.04 / EACH
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  • Category: Bearings, Bushings & Rollers
  • Model: 100HDPW, 106PW, 110FFPW, 120HDPW, 44, 44DR, 44DRWS, 44LT, 44WS, 54DR, 64, 66DRPW, 66DRWSPW, 66LTPW, 66PW, 66WSPW, 70DRFFPW, 70DRWSFFPW, 70FFPW, 70LTHDW, 70WSFFPW, 76DRPW, 80DRFFPW, 80DRHDPW, 80DRWSHDPW, 80HDPW, 80LTHDPW, 80WSHDPW, 84, 86PW, 90 FFPW, 90DRHDPW, 90PPPW
Champion Housing Bearing with Seal 113861