Tube 7/16 Inch Safety to Orifice

GAR1392500 MFG #: CK1392500
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  • Category: Orifices
  • Model: 2-40, 2-50, 40-5, 40-6, 40-7, 40RC, 42-40, 42-50, 43-40, 43-50, 44-40, 44-50, 45-40, 45-50, 46-40, 46-50, 47-40, 47-50, 48-40, 48-50, 50-5, 50-6, 50-7, 92-40, 92-50, 93-40, 93-50, 95-40, 95-50, 96-40, 96-50, 97-40, 97-50, 98-40, 98-50, G28B, H280-12, H280-20, H280-24, H280-26, H280-36, H280-48, H280-60, H280-72, H280-RC, H281-12, H281-20, H281-24, H281-48, H281-60, H281-72, H281-RC, H282-12, H282-20, H282-24, H282-36, H282-48, H282-60, H282-72, H282-RC, H283-12, H283-20, H283-24, H283-26, H283-36, H283-48, H283-60, H283-72, H284-12, H284-20, H284-24, H284-26, H284-36, H284-72, H284-RC, H286-48, H286-72, H286-RC, H287-12, H287-20, H287-24, H287-36, H287-48, H287-60, H287-72, H287-RC, H288-12, H288-20, H288-24, H288-26, H288-36, H288-48, H288-60, H288-72, H288-RC, H289-12, H289-20, H289-24, H289-26, H289-36, H289-48, H289-60, H289-72, H289-RC, H289-SRC, P280-12, P280-20, P280-24, P280-26, P280-36, P280-48, P280-60, P280-72, P280-RC, P281-12, P281-20, P281-24, P281-48, P281-60, P281-72, P281-RC, P282-12, P282-20, P282-24, P282-36, P282-48, P282-60, P282-72, P282-RC, P283-12, P283-20, P283-24, P283-26, P283-36, P283-48, P283-60, P283-72, P284-12, P284-20, P284-24, P284-26, P284-36, P284-72, P284-RC, P286-48, P286-72, P286-RC, P287-12, P287-20, P287-24, P287-36, P287-48, P287-60, P287-72, P287-RC, P288-12, P288-20, P288-24, P288-26, P288-36, P288-48, P288-60, P288-72, P288-RC, P289-12, P289-20, P289-24, P289-26, P289-36, P289-48, P289-60, P289-72, P289-RC, P289-SRC, S28, S284, S286, S288, ST28, ST284, ST286, ST288
Garland Orfice Tube 1392500