Oven Pilot Bell Orifice Assembly With Ignition Wire - IDR/ISA - Natural Gas

IMP1120 MFG #: 1120
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  • Category: Pilot Burners
  • Model: IDR-37, IDR-49, IDR-61, IR2000-24, IR2000-36, IR2000-48, IR2000-60, IR2000-72, IR24, IR-2-G36, IR-2-G36-C-XB, IR-2-G36-XB, IR-2-G48, IR-2-G48-CC, IR-2-G48-XB, IR-2-G60, IR-2-G60-CC, IR-2-G60-XB, IR-2-GT36-SC-XB, IR-2-GT48-SC, IR36, IR-36, IR-36ABR-SC, IR-36BR-126, IR-36BR-C, IR-36BR-XB, IR48, IR-48, IR-48ABR-SC-XB, IR-48BR-220, IR-48BR-C-XB, IR-48BR-XB, IR-48BR-XB-126, IR-4-G36, IR-4-G36-CC, IR-4-G36-XB, IR-4-G48, IR-4-G48-CC, IR-4-G48-XB, IR-4-GT36-SC, IR-4-RB36-SC, IR60, IR-60, IR-6-G36, IR-6-G36-CC, IR-6-G36-XB, IR72, IR-72, IR-G36, IR-G36-C, IR-G36-XB, IR-G48, IR-G48-C-XB, IR-G48-XB, IR-G60, IR-G60-CC, IR-G60-XB, IR-G72, IR-G72-CC, IR-G72-XB, IR-GT36-SC, IR-GT48-SC-XB, IR-GT60-SC, ISAE-24, ISAE-36, ISAE-48, ISAE-60, ISAE-72, ISCE-24, ISCE-36, ISCE-48, ISCE-60, ISCE-72
Imperial Oven Pilot Bell Orifice Assembly w/ Ignition Wire - IDR/ISA - Natural Gas 1120