Cap And Chain

STA35219 MFG #: A3-35219
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  • Category: Caps & Plugs
  • Model: 178-A, 179-A, 180-A, 35SS, 35SSA, 35SSAD, 35SSC, 36, 70SSA, 8A-35SXE, 8A-70SXE, FS1D, FS1DT, FS1R, FS1RS, FS1RS-120V, FS1RT, FS2D, FS2DT, FS2R, FS2RT, FSF, FSFD, FSFDT, FSFR, FSFRT, HFD-1, HFD-1-CR, HFD-1CRPL, HFD-1-P, HFD-2, HFD2A, HFD-2A, HFD2A-120V/230V, HFD3A, HFD-3A, HFD3A-120V/230V, STEAMRO SR.
Star Cap And Chain A3-35219