Refrigeration Gasket Replacement

3Wire 11/3/2017

In commercial foodservice operations, refrigeration gaskets are one of the most common parts needing to be maintained and replaced. They are used on equipment such as:

  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Walk-Ins
  • Cold Drawers
  • and Merchandisers

What exactly does a gasket do that's so important? Gaskets create a perimeter around equipment doors to create an air-tight seal preventing the cold air inside from leaking out and the warm air outside the equipment getting in. When the refrigeration unit loses its cool air inside, you might start to see higher energy bills. Even worse, it can also cause food safety regulation violations—higher temperatures inside the equipment can lead to bacteria growth.

When to Replace

Rubber or vinyl material helps create the seal, but over time this material can bend, harden, and crack—this makes the refrigeration unit work harder to keep the air cool inside of it. If you have a hard time keeping a constant temperature inside the unit, you notice that the gasket is flat or compressed, or you can feel cold air coming out of the door even when it's shut, then it's time to replace the gasket.

How to Replace

To replace the gasket, it's critical that you first get the correct one specific to your equipment model. To ensure a perfect fit, use only genuine OEM gaskets when making replacements. To find the correct part number, browse for the manufacturer of your equipment towards the top of this website and filter by the model number.

First start by removing the old gasket when you receive the genuine OEM replacement. Then, depending on what style of gasket (push-in, screw-in, or snap-in) you have, follow these easy instructions:

  • For a push-in style:
    Pull out the old gasket, clean any food or grime caught in the channel, and slide in the replacement. For the best seal, brush vinyl cement into the channel before pushing in the gasket.

  • For a screw-in style:
    Remove the screws holding the old gasket, slide in the replacement, and reinsert the screws until they are tight.

  • For a snap-in style:
    Pull out the old gasket and snap the corner of the replacement into place. With a rubber mallet, lightly tap down the length of the gasket to set it in place.

After replacing the gasket, keep the new one well-maintained by wiping it down daily and removing any food bits or grime that can get caught in it.

Gaskets are important to replace, and, for most styles, anyone can replace them easily. If you do need help replacing a gasket, or want someone to check the condition of the ones you currently have on your equipment, contact your local service technician.

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