When to Replace a Refrigeration Gasket

3Wire 1/4/2017

In commercial refrigeration equipment, the gasket is the rubber piece that lines the door and creates a tight seal when the door is closed. Gaskets get heavy use, flexing many times each shift. Eventually, they tear or wear out, allowing cold air to seep out. Energy costs go up, and food safety can be compromised.

Helping Gaskets Live Longer

Eventually, most gaskets will need replacement. To extend their life, clean between the gasket grooves every day. This is an easy wipe-down, and keeps food and dirt from harming the gasket.

When Is It Time to Replace?

Some warning signs are clear. Visible cracks or tears, or a gasket that’s only partially attached, mean the gasket needs replacing. Other signs to watch for include:

  • Cold air you can feel escaping through the seal
  • Frost build-up on food or on shelves
  • Fluctuating temperature in the unit
  • A flattened gasket that doesn’t come back to shape
  • Hardening of the gasket itself

How to Replace a Gasket

Check your equipment’s operational manual for information about gasket replacement. You can order the part yourself from 3Wire (we have a complete line of OEM gaskets for refrigeration equipment) and install it following instructions in the manual. Or, you can call a qualified service technician who will order the part and install it for you.