Replacing Equipment

Replacing Equipment

3Wire 4/28/2017

When it comes to genuine OEM replacement parts, 3Wire is your place for availability and easy ordering. But what about when you need to replace equipment in your kitchen? Read on for tips on choosing when and how to replace commercial kitchen appliances.


Unsafe equipment that is no longer repairable needs to be replaced right away. The safety of yourself, staff, customers, and property is not worth the risk of using faulty equipment that could start a fire or leak dangerous gases. If your equipment is unsafe, replacing it is an easy choice.


Sometimes equipment can be perfectly safe but still require frequent repairs. If this is the case for you, you must evaluate whether it is worth it financially to continue to make repairs. For a quick cost comparison, first answer how much the equipment is worth. Then determine how much you are spending on repairs. If you find you are spending over 50% of the equipment's value on repairs, it's time to replace the equipment. This will allow you to get a unit that should last longer without needing repairs. Plus, a new unit will come with a warranty, allowing you to not worry about repair costs for a while.


Better technology has led to new equipment innovations. This comes at a cost though–older equipment becomes outdated, and replacement parts become harder to find. If you're finding it harder to find parts for your equipment, then it may be time to upgrade to a newer model. This should result in faster repairs and lower costs.


Customers love new product concepts. If you are planning an upcoming menu change or rolling out new food items, you may need new equipment to support these launches. Space is always a premium in a kitchen though, but fortunately multiuse equipment is available and combines common equipment into a single unit (for example, combi ovens). Multiuse equipment will let you save space while at the same time having a diverse set of kitchen equipment.

Maintaining Your Equipment

When you do decide on new equipment, make it last by keeping it cleaned and properly maintained. Work with your staff in learning how to begin a routine of daily cleaning, and ask a qualified service technician about setting up a preventative maintenance program so you can catch equipment issues before they can get worse.


Whether you buy new equipment or are able to repair the equipment you have, don't forget that 3Wire is your place for all genuine OEM parts related to repair and preventative maintenance.

*Thanks to Foodservice Equipment & Supplies, February 2017, for this article's inspiration.