Water Filtration

3Wire 8/29/2017

Water filtration systems in commercial foodservice kitchens come in many types of configurations designed for beverage dispensers, ice machines, coffee brewers, warewashing machines, combi-ovens, steamers, and all kitchen water sources. In fact, water is the most important ingredient in your entire foodservice operation. Water touches most all equipment, food, utensils, pots & pans making adequate water filtration an absolute must for any foodservice operation.

Types of Water Filters

When deciding the right water filtration system for your operation and equipment, your location’s water quality and intended water applications should be assessed and determined. The filter requirements of an ice machine are not the same as the requirements for a combi-oven. You can find proper filtration requirements in your equipment owner’s manual. Be aware that using incorrect water filtration in your equipment can void manufacturer warranties and lead to untimely repairs.

Water treatment systems can be broken down into three main categories:

  • Chemical-reduction filters which remove microorganisms and harmful chemicals from the water, “softening” it for a variety of applications.
  • Mechanical filters which help remove unwanted dirt and cyst particles from the water.
  • Multipurpose filters which remove both chemicals and particulates from the water. Some multipurpose filters also reduce equipment scale buildup increasing equipment efficiency.

Filter Maintenance

Your filter life will vary based on location, use, and the pre-filtered water quality. A filter will not solve all water-related issues with your equipment—they are meant to slow down corrosion and other water-related problems, which will help with fewer equipment service calls. Proper filter cleaning and preventative maintenance can keep your filters working better and longer though.

Filter life depends on usage, and most filters need to be checked every 3 months and replaced every 6 months. Here's a quick tip to help you remember when filters need replacing: write the dates on the filter when it was last checked, replaced, and will need replacing. Filters that have not been replaced regularly will negatively impact equipment performance.

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