What Drives Us

What Drives Us – The 3Wire Difference

3Wire is a premier provider of genuine OEM replacement parts for the foodservice and beverage industries. With more than 30 years of dedicated service, we know foodservice and beverage inside and out.


Our vision is to be the most reliable source of repair parts, business intelligence, and service management solutions within our chosen markets.

The 3Wire Service Promise

3Wire’s industry leadership flows from four key service pillars:


We are committed to making sure our customers get the parts they need when they’re needed.


We deliver the right part, every time.


Our customers’ uptime defines us.


Trust is at the core of everything we do.

The 3Wire team – Proud, Experienced and Dedicated

We are a company of people, all dedicated to keeping our foodservice and beverage customers up and running and proudly doing so. Our people stay with us, developing expertise and sharing it with the people we serve.

Warehouse People Who Move Fast

The 3Wire warehouse team is devoted to the most reliable and effective foodservice and beverage parts delivery in the industry. They are 100% committed to guaranteeing the right part, fast.

Topnotch Service Technicians

3Wire service technicians are the best in the business – savvy, certified, professional, and reliable. With more than 100 customer and technical service associates on the phones and in the field every day, we keep our customers covered.

Customer Care That Cares

Our Customer Care team is there every step of the way to help. Our knowledgeable staff “gets it,” researching and responding to parts questions quickly and efficiently.

The Story Behind Our Name

Aircraft carriers are outfitted with four wires, numbered from the ship’s stern to the bow. The aft wire is wire 1, and the forward wire is wire 4. In an aircraft carrier landing, the goal is to catch the 3-wire. A fighter pilot term for a perfect landing, “catching the 3-wire” means that the touchdown is centered and ideally balanced.

Our name was inspired by our commitment to quality and service. We navigate toward our goals with unerring accuracy, arriving at solutions that measurably enrich our partners.

Why We Focus on Genuine OEM Foodservice and Beverage Parts

Simply put, using genuine OEM foodservice and beverage parts makes our customers’ lives easier. These parts are critical to equipment performance and help ensure maximum uptime and safety.

Using OEM Parts Safeguards Warranties

Often, equipment warranties require the use of OEM parts or the warranty is void. Using the parts specified by the original manufacturer of the equipment protects the investment in equipment and the accompanying warranties. Furthermore, OEM parts have a 90-day warranty.

OEM Parts Mean Better Equipment Performance

Manufacturers design and test their equipment using specific parts. Cooking and warming times, for instance, are based on the equipment performance with OEM parts. Substituting generic parts can compromise food safety if correct temperatures are not reached.

OEM Parts Protect Reputations

Undercooked food, poor fryer temperatures, and melting ice cream can ruin customer satisfaction and a business’ reputation. OEM parts are designed to make sure equipment functions reliably for consistent results.

OEM Parts Help Prevent Safety Hazards

UL listings apply to the equipment with original components. Changing to a generic component voids that approval and could be a potential fire hazard.

3Wire Keeps Track of Parts Specifications

Original equipment manufacturers may change parts specifications over time. Our service and technical staffs keep track of these changes so our customers know they are using only the most recent approved part.

3Wire is a Responsible Business

We take our responsibilities to the environment and the communities in which we operate very seriously. High standards of responsibility are, in our view, compatible with growth and business efficiency. We put particular emphasis on ensuring that our management of social, environmental, and economic issues is aligned and integrated with the overall management of the business, and we call this “responsible business.”

As a Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway company, 3Wire maintains a firm commitment to ethical and legal business practices. 3Wire is dedicated to complying with all applicable laws and regulations and upholding a reputation for honesty and integrity. For more about Marmon, visit marmon.com.