Genuine OEM Parts

Why OEM Parts Matter When Making Repairs

3Wire 12/30/2016

When the commercial kitchen oven quits, the soda fountain leaks, or the cooler isn’t cooling, it’s time for repair. But not all replacement parts are equal. Repairing foodservice and beverage equipment with parts from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) can make a big difference in the efficiency and longevity of your equipment. Here’s why.

Lower Cost Over Time

While generic parts may cost less initially, over time they can cost you more – in more frequent replacement, service calls, and a greater drain on your utilities. Further, equipment warranties typically require the use of OEM parts or the warranty is void.

Better Equipment Performance

An original equipment manufacturer has designed and tested the equipment with specific OEM parts. There is no guarantee that the equipment will function exactly the same using a generic, untested part. Food safety, equipment lifespan, and proper functioning are all compromised with non-OEM parts.

More Protection for Your Reputation

When you serve a patron tepid chicken or melting ice cream, your word-of-mouth suffers and it can be hard to rebuild positive buzz once it’s gone. Cooking and warming times are based on the equipment’s performance with OEM parts. And, there is a potential for food safety risks if correct temperatures aren’t reached.

Prevention of Safety Hazards

UL listings apply only to the equipment with its original components. Changing to a generic component voids that approval, and could even be a fire hazard.

Backing from a Trusted OEM Parts Supplier

Original equipment manufacturers may change parts specifications over time. Our service and technical staffs keep track of these changes so you know you are using only the most recent approved part.